The Drive-In

Formed in the summer of 2004, La Dispute was inspired by the collective notion that each member enjoys the following things immensely: listening to music, playing music, and writing music. Additionally, these members (old friends, new friends, cousins, schoolmates) feel utterly incapable of achieving any level of contentment doing anything other than what they are currently doing, at least for the present time, and thus the arrangement was and is, in a sense, default.

La Dispute creates music thatpossesses both atechnical and a thematic depth while trying desperatelyto avoidsounding obnoxious or juvenile, in return creating a sound similar to that of At The Drive-In, mewithoutYou or even Saetia. Most importantly, La Dispute enjoys their surroundings and, as is generally the case, draws the majority of their influences from things that are around them throughout the course of a day – people, friends, family,bands, books, religion, each other and the like. On April 14 of 2006, after two recording sessions (one in August of 2005, one in December of 2005) La Dispute released “Vancouver” on West Michigan-based label, Friction Records. Since that point, La Dispute has continued to play shows as frequently as possibletraveling both around Michigan and into the Midwest to states like Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,Ohio, Wisconsin and Missouri and playing shows with a variety of bands including Showbread, Russian Circles, Year Future, Sullivan, The Holy Mountain, Gwen Stacy, Phoenix Bodies, and Ari.Ari. The band was more then thrilled to finish in the top 5 of over 200 bands entered in Cornerstone Music Festival’s “New Band Showcase” (2007), earning them a spot at that years festival.

All of the aforementioned things occur in direct response to La Dispute’s overarching goal. Which is to say, La Dispute does these things as hard and as frequently as they possibly can in hopes that they will be able to continue to do so for the rest of their lives, or at least for a good while.

Nice musicianship, even the singer has it together. So many dudes who attempt to yowl this style sound awful,” said Casey Boland of Hot Cross. “This guy seems like he can mix itup and not just shriek the whole time.

Recently, La Dispute joined the No Sleep Records family and is planning on releasing a brand new full-length this coming fall. Additionally, La Dispute plans to spend the coming year on the road. All things considered, La Dispute is beyond excited for what the future holds.

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